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I am currently an instructor in medicine at Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Harvard Medical School. I have many interests, though, and invite you to explore my website further.

I have restricted access to my academic portfolio because it contains a lot of sensitive information. If you would like access, please email me at kchristensen@bwh.harvard.edu.



Now in press: a cost analysis of integrating whole genome sequencing into everyday patient care! As part of the MedSeq Project, we examined the cost impact of integrating whole genome sequencing into the care of healthy primary care patients and cardiology patients with diagnoses of hypertrophic or dilated cardiomyopathy. A summary of short-term (i.e., 6 month) findings were just published in Genetics in Medicine!

And keep your eyes open for some articles that I've worked on that were recently accepted for publication. "Cost Analyses of Genomic Sequencing – Lessons Learned from the MedSeq Project" will be part of a themed section in Value in Health focused on methodological challenges of examining the economic impact of genomic sequencing, and an overview of the methods of our BabySeq Project, published in BMC Pediatrics.

Finally, I'll be speaking at various conferences in November, including

  • November TBD: "Patient-Reported Outcomes in a Pilot Randomized Trial of Genome Sequencing," at the International Society for Pharmacoeconomics and Outcomes Research Europe 2018 Meeting
  • November 16, 2018: "Impact of Disclosing Genetic Risk for Alzheimer’s Disease to Patients With Mild Memory Problems," at the Gerontological Society of America's 2018 Annual Scientific Meeting
  • November 17, 2018: "The Science of Surveys," at the National Society of Genetic Counselors Annual Conference

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