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I am currently an instructor in medicine at Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Harvard Medical School. I have many interests, though, and invite you to explore my website further.

I have restricted access to my academic portfolio because it contains a lot of sensitive information. If you would like access, please email me at kchristensen@bwh.harvard.edu.



Coming soon to a journal near you: Genetics in Medicine accepted an article I led as part of the CSER1 Consortium that addresses how providers anticipate responding to genomic secondary findings. They also accepted an article I co-authored titled, "Patient understanding of, satisfaction with, and perceived utility of whole genome sequencing: Findings from the MedSeq Project", and Patient Education and Counseling recently accepted our manuscript from the REVEAL Study about how genetic counselors can help patients process genetic risk information cognitively and emotionally. As soon as the articles are posted online, I'll post links here!


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